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Emotional Health: Coping with Eczema

By Abby Lai (Bio below)  Eczema was the hardest time of my life.For those who suffer with it (or have a close friend or family member who suffers with it),you'll probably know that eczema comes with a lot of physical and psychological baggage.When I was going through my own personal journey with…


Eczema Cure: Running to the Ends of the Earth

I read about Shane's unbelievable journey and immediately wanted to share his courageous story here in hopes of further helping him to raise awareness for a cause very near and dear to him.Please help me share his story with others in order to make his goals of eczema support and awareness a reality.Bio: …


From a Holistic Nutritionist: 10 Ways to Heal Eczema

By Ashley Giordano (bio below) When I was 19 years old,I developed chronic eczema on my face.  It started with the skin on my face turning completely red.  I went the traditional route using antibiotics and cortisone cream treatment,and the problem disappeared until I stopped taking them.  After the third round of antibiotics I…


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